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Skype Tutoring


Venturing into the Twenty-First Century with Skype Tutoring

With a Masters in English and over twenty years of teaching and tutoring experience, William Van Cleave has ventured into the twenty-first century by offering Skype tutoring to appropriate students.  The students he has instructed vary in both age and ability.  

For effective Skype tutoring, students should have some computer skills and at least a foundation in keyboarding.  

Van Cleave is adept at working with the following learners 

  • students who have difficulty at the sentence level, including parts of speech and sentence skills as they apply to the act of writing
  • students who need help with idea generation and paragraph and essay writing
  • students who need help with proofreading and editing written work for classes and applications
  • students who wish to hone skills for the essay and writing sections of standardized testing, including the A.C.T. and the S.A.T.
  • resistant and/or reluctant writers