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Tier Tools O-G Game Set 2 by Wendy Stacy


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    The Tier Tools O-G-based Games Set 2 contains 11 different board games and 5 different card games. Each of the board games offers multiple playing boards. This set contains 56 different game boards in all!


    The board game titles include:

    Pixie Quest, 2 boards                               color/number words

    ID & Read, 5 boards                                letter name/sound, b/d and p/q confusion

    Flash Words, 13 boards                           first 300 Fry words

    Grand Slam Language, 7 boards               same/different, synonyms, antonyms, VC/VCe

    Derivative Treasure Hunt, 2 boards          derivative recognition

    Derivative City, 2 boards, 1 deck              derivative-building and usage

    Ladybug Grammar, 1 board, 3 decks        parts of speech; sentence-building

    Panda Twin Grammatical Heteronyms,      noun/verb heteronyms

         4 boards, 2 decks 

    This is to That                                        synonym, antonym, descriptive, part-to-whole/whole-to-part analogies

         2 boards, 4 decks

    Honeybee’s Multisyllabic Words               VCCV, V/CV, and VC/V syllable patterns

         4 boards

    Bluebird Blends/Skate Club                     blends in VC and VCe words

         4 boards

    The card game titles include:

    Kip, the Cranky Cactus, 70 cards                                           initial (k), spelling

    Catch that Lunch, 90 cards                                                   final (ch), spelling

    Madge, the Huge Barge, 90 cards                                          final (j), spelling

    Hoss, the Race Horse, and the Walrus, 120 cards                   final (s), spelling

    Nick, the Classic Crook, 130 cards                                         final (k), spelling


    Boards and cards are printed on 110lb cover stock with a matte gloss finish.

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