Never Too Late


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Diana King’s first-ever book specifically for instructors of adults provides strategies and an initial teaching plan for a variety of foundational reading and writing skills.  Filled with useful anecdotes and techniques, this book is a must-have for instructors who take on challenge of teaching adults who have not learned to read and write. 

From the author, Diana Hanbury King:  

Teaching adults is not like teaching children…

Adults who struggle to read and write have experienced years of failure and are more reluctant to try learning than are children. Society connects literacy to success, and difficulty with reading and writing skills typically aligns to difficulty navigating the adult world. Even successful adults are often reticent to expose their learning struggles, perhaps recollecting their numerous school failures. While approximately 20% of the human population struggles with dyslexia, it is estimated that half the prison population suffers from learning difficulties. 

Teaching adults to read and write is imperative but also quite challenging. From the first lesson, adult students must experience success if they are to continue to invest their efforts in learning. Individualizing sequence of instruction and introduction of concepts as well as motivating students with engaging content are essential in the teaching of adults. 


Chapters include Letter Sounds, Flip Cards, Introducing Short Vowels & The Closed Syllable, More Sounds, Handwriting: The Move to Cursive, The Vowel Teams, Oral Reading, Listening to Books, Syllabication, The Consonant-LE Syllable, The R-Controlled Syllable, Sentence Writing, More Latin, Introducing Greek Elements, The Paragraph, Reading Copmrehension, The Essay, Technology, Types of Exposition, and several Diversions sections.

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