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Phonics Dice Kit

  • Dozens of games and activities all in one great kit!
  • 11 custom-made dice enhance many language-based learning activities
  • used to guide language study review, create a game, or add a little pizzaz to a lesson
  • includes booklet of activity suggestions for tutorial and classroom use
  • covers concepts including letter and basic sound recognition, cvc words, silent-e, kinds of syllables, 2 sounds of c and g, suffix adding spelling rules, syllable division patterns, word origins, and assimilated prefixes
  • adaptable to any Orton-Gillingham based lesson
  • All dice are custom-made by W.V.C.ED and inked for long-term use and war!

Phonics Dice Booster Pack

  • 4 additional custom-made dice enhance many morphology-based learning activities
  • includes pamphlet of activity suggestions for tutorial and classroom use
  • covers advanced concepts, including /shun/ and common prefixes and suffixes

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