Marie’s Words: Picture Words – In a Flash! Word Games


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Created by students for students, Picture Words applies a fun, effective, and unique approach to improve language skills and increase test scores.  The colorful and creative illustrations and calligraphy help to visually identify words in the brain.  Because of the visual language, Marie’s Words’ mnemonics, or “word faces,” are essential to a fun and effective learning experience.

What’s Included:

  • 550 original, full-color, hand-drawn vocabulary flash cards
  • Unique illustrations, many using historical, geographical, scientific, and cultural references as mnemonic tools for easy learning

Why the Cards Are Effective:

  • Allow you to learn word definitions in a visual and meaningful way
  • Link the visual to the verbal
  • Allow learners of all ages to “picture words–in a flash!”
  • Help to develop vocabulary for the S.A.T., A.C.T., and G.R.E.
  • Provide fun word games
  • Use for homeschooling, tutoring, classroom enhancement, and road trips
  • Use with mainstream, struggling, and E.L.L. students

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