The Story of It

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Hello!  My name is It.  I am a small pronoun – but a very busy one. I belong to a very large family, and I would like to tell you our story! In this book, you will learn about all my relatives and how to use them!  I hope you enjoy our story!  

Here begins Rusch’s whimsical teaching story about the oft misused and misspelled (it’s/its) it!  

  • written to help students grasp the correct usage of the possessive its as opposed to the contraction it’s
  • clever story told by poor little “it,” who introduces readers to brothers and sisters (he, she, him ,her), rich relatives (mine, yours ours, his, hers) and poor relations (it’s, I’ve, I’m, etc.)
  • pronoun refresher is provided in the back for teacher reference
  • 20 pages in color

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