Tier Tools O-G Game Set 1 by Wendy Stacy

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The Tier Tools O-G-based Games Set 1 contains 8 progressive board games and 7 different card games. Each of the board games offers multiple playing boards for reading practice that progresses through the 6 syllable types. The set contains 123 different game boards in all!


The board game titles include:

Sleds & Ladders                                    2 game boards

4-Square                                            10 game boards

Tic Tac Toe                                         55 game boards

Syllable Walk                                      11 game boards

Cupcake Phrases                                   6 game boards

Birdhouse Tweets/

Wise Old Owl’s Digraphs                       4 game boards

Dino Bossy Rs                                     31 game boards

Medieval Diphthong Quest                    3 game boards


The card game titles include:

Izzy, the Busy Bee, 200 cards, 6 different games                    6-syllable types

Time for Bed, 70 cards, 3 different games                              VC, VCe

Whale Watch, 90 cards                                                         wh, w before a

Rumble in the Jungle, 70 cards                                              final stable syllables

Skeleton Dance, 70 cards                                                     k, hard and soft c

Wild, Old, Kind Words, 60 cards                                            iCC, oCC

This is to That, 50 cards                                                       mixed analogies


Boards and cards are printed on 110lb cover stock with a matte gloss finish.

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