Wordtivities. Word Study Instruction for Spelling, Vocabulary, and Reading.



SPELL-Links Wordtivities helps you develop students’ literacy and language skills in the classroom and beyond. Through active engagement with the sounds, letters, and meanings of words, your K–12 students strengthen, integrate, and learn to apply multiple components of oral and written language to improve their spelling, word decoding, reading fluency, and reading comprehension; build depth and breadth of vocabulary; and enhance writing performance.

Spend less time planning lessons with dozens of grab-and-go activities on hand.

Be more organized and less stressed with a ready-made plan for literacy instruction.

Easily integrate with your existing core curriculum, so you can get started without starting over.

Get inspired and reenergized about teaching structured literacy in your classroom or clinic.

Skills & Content

  • Phonological awareness
  • Phonics
  • Spelling
  • Vocabulary
  • Decoding
  • Automatic word recognition
  • Oral expression / Syntax

SPELL-Links Wordtivities advance student performance with written language by organizing instruction into recognizing and producing spoken sounds (phonology) and developing and strengthening cognitive connections for effective, functional integration of phonological, orthographic, and semantic/ morphological processes while reading and writing.

Intended Use

SPELL-Links Wordtivities is intended for use by classroom teachers; aides and other paraprofessionals; interventionists (speech-language pathologists, reading specialists, learning disabilities teachers, etc.); and parents.

It can be used as a stand-alone word study program within your existing language arts curriculum or in conjunction with SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing Word Study Curriculum.

Product Details

SPELL-Links Wordtivities includes both print and reproducible digital components.


  • Spiral-bound activity book; 101 pages
  • Set of small keyword picture card manipulatives, set of large keyword picture card manipulatives with allowable spellings
  • Published by Learning by Design, Inc.


  • Set of 4 x 5.5 keyword images for whole classroom instruction
  • Reproducible desktop sound charts for individual student use
  • Set of keyword picture cards for individual student use
  • Set of student assignments sheets in PDF format

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