Gallistel-Ellis Sample Test Kit: Teacher’s Manual + Student Test Book + 2 Recording Forms – Discount Pack

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  • 1 G-E Test Teacher’s Manual (G201), 1 G-E Student Test Book (G202), 2 copies of each testing and recording form 
  • The Gallistel-Ellis Test of Coding Skills (GE Test) is a comprehensive measure of coding skills in reading and spelling. The test measures whether a student can give the sounds for the various letters and units or clusters. More importantly, it measures whether the student can recognize and spell words made up of these sounds. 
  • provides detailed instructions for administering and interpreting the test
  • includes directives on scoring and when to stop testing
  • offers advice on test modifications.  

The test covers all categories of phonic structures: 

  • closed syllables with single consonants, blends and digraphs
  • silent-e words; soft c and g
  • vowel teams and vowel-r
  • suffixes and modifiers such as s, ed, ing, y, tion and consonant-le
  • multi-syllable and irregular words
  •  nonsense syllables (to enable the tester to determine if the student relies on sight memory or has truly “cracked the code.”) 
  • The test is easy to administer to individual students and requires approximately 20 minutes for the teacher or assessment specialist to acquire the critical knowledge of what skills have been mastered, what need to be reviewed, and what to teach now. Post-testing can document the learning progress made. A clear and easy-to-use graphing system helps teachers identify student strengths, weaknesses and progress, and convey these to parents. 
  • Since recognition of coding disability is important in identifying children with learning disabilities, it is also a useful screening and identification tool (Gallistel 1973). It can be particularly useful in developing effective Tier 2 and Tier 3 Interventions, developing Individualized Educational Programs (IEPs), and monitoring progress.

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1 review for Gallistel-Ellis Sample Test Kit: Teacher’s Manual + Student Test Book + 2 Recording Forms – Discount Pack

  1. Tamara

    The manual is quick and easy to read and very helpful with administering tips. The student book is sturdy, easy to read in friendly Chalkboard-type font, and includes reading words and visual drill in list form, and spelling words for the teacher to dictate. At the back a handy table for converting raw scores into percentages is given.

    The yellow recording and scoring form opens up to include the reading words with the visual drill recording on the back. Spelling words are recorded by the student on a separate white page. All sub-test scores are collected in summary on the front of the yellow form. Two 2-sided white pages are given for visually displaying summary results for reading and spelling (pre- and post-test) in graph form.

    The visual drill includes advanced vowel combinations but not ‘ey’, ‘eigh’, or ‘wa’. R-controlled vowels drilled include the two-letter combos with ‘war’, ‘ward’, ‘wor’, ‘-are’, ‘arry’, ‘erry’, and ‘ear’ but not ‘our’. For vowel combinations, a separate category is given (and scored) for the schwa sounds of ‘a’, ‘i’, ‘o’, ‘e’, and ‘y’. Only ‘ank’ and ‘ang’ are given for those family groups. ‘Augh’ is given but not ‘ough’.

    This test is ‘skinny’ on review of soft c and g and family groups which would be useful for testing early levels or younger students, but it is easy and sufficient for initial screening.

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