Silver Moon Spelling Rules – Set 1

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Silver Moon Spelling Rules – Set 1 (author Kelly Steinke)

This creative and supplemental spelling program teaches 20 American English spelling rules and 1 reading rule. Each spelling rule has been given a catchy name and image to support memory. Picture clues are strategically placed within each image to further support memory and active student engagement. All 21 rules are presented on a full color, double sided spelling rule card (flash card) and are accompanied by a multi-sensory, direct instruction lesson. Students stay actively engaged while they build their understanding of spelling rules. Students collect all 21 rule cards and are challenged to apply their learning to real words and nonsense words.

This program was made to use with struggling spellers. Included in the manual are pre- and post-tests, independent practice pages, and additional resources that can be requested and downloaded for free. Use with small groups or one-on-one instruction and save yourself time and frustration!


  • Instructor’s Manual
  • Instructor’s Spelling Rule Cards (21 6×8.5 cards)
  • One Pack of Student Spelling Rule Cards (21 3.5×5.5 cards)


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