Syllable Power Book II – Multisyllablic Words (Grades 4 and up)

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Authored by: Joan Mencke Stoner, C. Wilson Anderson, and T. Elli Cross

  • provides those students needing direct structured teaching the logic and structure of the English language
  • almost 2500 common words presented by syllable patterns in two levels
  • Level I (beginners with a larger print) and Level II (advanced with higher level vocabulary)
  • Level I words presented on two pages – on the first page the words are divided into syllables and the opposite page the words are presented as whole words
  • words that are not phonetically regular are presented as Challengers
  • valuable asset for improving vocabulary and comprehension as well as for word attack skills
  • lists of words can also be used for spelling and for generating lively oral and written sentences
  • spiral bound: 92 pages


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