Oct 14

The Relationship Between Morphology & Spelling: Announcing Some New Editions of Old Favorites at W.V.C.ED

Ever since I first read Pete Bowers’ Teaching How the Written Word Works, I have been intrigued by the notion that, in Louisa Moats’ words, “meaning trumps sound” as a determiner of spelling.  The new 5th edition of my Orton-Gillingham based reference guide, Everything You Want to Know & Exactly Where to Find It and the new 2nd edition of my Morphology Deck better reflect how morphemes can be combined to create words reflective of the spelling generalizations and rules we know.  In particular, some of the bases in both Latin and Greek have been slightly modified to help users understand the connection between meaning and spelling that makes English a logical language.  Those of you attending the International Dyslexia Association’s conference at Foxwoods in October have the opportunity to trade in an earlier edition of the book or deck for the newest edition at 50% of retail!  Pack those old books and decks; this is an opportunity you won’t want to miss.

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