Barebones Grammar Board Game by Wendy Stacy (Last one!)


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  • (5) decks: Mixed Grammar, Noun Jobs, Sentence Structure, Capitalization/Punctuation, Parts of Speech, 240 question cards
  • (1) set of colored Sentence-Building Cards
  • (1) game board

At last, a grammar game that focuses on sentence-building skills! Designed as a classroom complement to the Barebones Grammar for Reading and Writing curriculum, the Barebones Grammar Board Game may be used in any language arts classroom to deepen students’ grammar knowledge base and sentence-building skills. As they move around the game board, students answer questions from one of five separate decks (General Grammar, Noun Jobs, Sentence Structure, Parts of Speech, and Capitalization/Punctuation), collect colored sentence-building squares, and build original sentences. Students play until one player reaches the Finish line. The student who has built the most complex sentence wins the game!

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