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Get it all together and save!

  • Writing Matters (w/Concept Cards) (B800 + C001)
  • Grammar Dice Kit (C050)
  • Words at Work I & II (P140)
  • Sentence Stretches 1 & 2 (P147)
  • Writing Skills Concept Charts (W020)
  • Writing Skills Sorter Set (11 sorters) (S002)

All Materials developed by William Van Cleave.


Writing Matters (SKU B800)

Written by William Van Cleave

  • Download sample pages of Writing Matters here.
  • In support of Writing MattersClick here to download.
  • unique, research-based lesson design
  • alignment with the Common Core
  • sequence of skills for instruction
  • techniques for one-to-one and classroom instruction
  • model dialogues
  • an overview of general information for the teacher
  • clarification of points teachers sometimes confuse
  • steps for initial instruction and subsequent lessons
  • sample activities and assignments
  • 326 pages: spiral bound

GrammarBuilder Dice Kit (C050)

  • dozens of games and activities in each kit
  • includes one set of Vocabulary Cards, Parts of Speech Die, Sentence Kinds Die, Conjugator Dice, Kinds of Nouns Die, and Sentence Templates Die with accompanying Conjunction Set — 14 in all!
  • includes booklet of activity suggestions for tutorial and classroom use
  • includes six gameboards and 120 cover disks in 6 colors
  • covers concepts including kinds of nouns, verb tense, parts of speech, phrases, clauses, and kinds of sentences
  • Dice are custom-made and inked for long-term use and wear!
  • Unique to W.V.C.ED and not available elsewhere.
  • Because students construct sentences and parts of sentences with the writing dice, the same activity can be used repeatedly with students — what they create from the activity makes it new each time.

Concept Cards  (SKU C001), included with GrammarBuilder Dice Kit (C050)

  • thirty-four 4.25”x5.5” cards
  • printed in color and include term (on the front) and definitions and examples (on the back)
  • students will use their cards for study, review, and reference as they learn the concepts necessary for developing good sentence skills; teachers will find them invaluable for presenting material and helping students to understand it

Words at Work 1&2 (P108 + P109)

  • develop knowledge of parts of speech in a Crazy Eights format
  • learn word order and sentence development in a sentence building game
  • two entirely different games built into each double deck!

Sentence Stretches 1&2 (P145 + P146)

Students ask to play Sentence Stretches again and again! They enjoy expanding their sentences through these innovative and cognitive games. Choose from dozens of subjects and predicates to form a barebones sentence and then maximize your sentence score by adding interesting words, phrases, and clauses to expand your bare bones sentence. Never the same game twice because you use your own ideas to expand the sentences!

  • 108 cards, including instruction cards, in EACH version
  • Each game contains tons of subjects and predicates. 1 is for younger children; 2 includes more sophisticated subjects and predicates for older students.
  • Choose a subject and its predicate (main verb) to create a barebones sentence.
  • Expand your sentence by creating adjectives and adverbs – at the word, phrase, and clause level.
  • Use a variety of recommended sentence templates to develop students’ sentence skills.
  • Earn more points for better sentences!

Writing Concept Charts (SKU W020)

  • concepts in small poster form for students’ ready reference
  • printed on heavy tag in full color
  • 29 8.5”x11” posters
  • includes 12 parts of speech posters,
  • including parts of speech relationship chart;
  • 13 sentence posters,
  • including sentence templates chart,
  • and 4 paragraph/essay templates, including paragraph to essay poster

Writing Skills Sorter Set (11 sorters) (SKU S002)

  • 11 sorters in all, including a wide variety of writing concepts
  • three-pocket, fold-out sorters designed using heavy-duty long-lasting stock
  • allow students to sort pre-printed 3×5 cards into two and three categories
  • each includes front and pocket labels and 45 printed cards for sorting
  • includes noun, verb tense, 2 phrase/clause sorters, 2 independent/dependent clause sorters, 2 three kinds of sentences sorters, 1 adverb, 1 direct object/indirect object/predicate adjective & noun, and 1 prepositional phrase (adverb/adjective)

Did you know that there are student workbooks to accompany Writing Matters?

Check out

B830 – Sentence Sense Work Book, Level A, Book One & Book Two

B835 – Sentence Sense Work Book, Level B, Book One & Book Two

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