Fun Phonics Multi-Syllable Word Builder



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  • Substantially revised and expanded, the new Multi-syllable WordBuilder materials help older students crack the complex codes of multi-syllable words. The combination of decoding assistance and vocabulary building helps students in third grade and beyond make the leap to proficiency. Help students un-lock the much more complex, two- and three-syllable words found in social studies, science and other texts used by older students. 
  • teaches the more advanced skills and patterns that occur in three-syllable words, using vocabulary geared to a wide range of ages and skill levels (few programs do this) 
  • provides clear instruction in each new pattern, along with structured practice in reading many examples in a carefully constructed progression 
  • develops decoding as an intuitive skill, rather than a set of memorized rules 
  • cumulative lessons build upon and reinforce patterns taught earlier 
  • adds vocabulary development exercises (definitions and sentence completion tasks) to expand the struggling reader’s ability to recognize words and their meanings
  •  links decoding with word meaning, each reinforcing the other 

 Made by Elizabeth R. Gallistel 

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