GrammarBuilder Concept Cards

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  • thirty-four 4.25”x5.5” cards
  • printed in color and include term (on the front) and definitions and examples (on the back)
  • students will use their cards for study, review, and reference as they learn the concepts necessary for developing good sentence skills; teachers will find them invaluable for presenting material and helping students to understand it
  • included in the GrammarBuilder Dice Kit
  • also compliments Writing Matters
  • Developed by William Van Cleave

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1 review for GrammarBuilder Concept Cards

  1. Tamara

    I had initially made my own cards for parts of speech much similar to these, but purchased these when I purchased Writing Matters. These are so much better. The cards are large enough to see and contain sufficient information yet small enough to be used as flashcards. The slick finish of the cards is sensorily satisfying. The backs include easy and immediately useful definitions as well as full examples.

    I resisted buying one copy for each student, but after using them, I do suggest this. It is easier to keep track of each student’s progression of introduction. These cards are a perfect adjunct to the manual. Though you can use the manual without them (by making your own), I would get the cards!

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