How to Plan Differentiated Reading Instruction



Authors: Sharon Walpole & Michael C. McKenna

Tens of thousands of K-3 teachers have relied on this book–now revised and expanded with more than 50% new material.

  • helps teachers plan and deliver effective literacy instruction tailored to each student’s needs
  • provides a detailed framework for implementing differentiated small-group instruction over multi-week cycles
  • fine-tuned based on field testing, new research findings, and current standards in RTI frameworks
  • includes reproducible tools, such as coaching templates and the Informal Decoding Inventory
  • offers guidance for designing instruction and grouping students
  • contents include setting the state; models of differentiation and tiered instruction, using assessments to guide differentiation, targeting phonological awareness and word recognition, targeting word recognition and fluency, targeting fluency and comprehension, targeting vocabulary and comprehension, and making differentiation schoolwide
  • paperback: 284 pages


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