Phonics Dice Deluxe Kit By William Van Cleave

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  • Buy 10+ and pay only $50.00 each.


  • Dozens of games and activities all in one great kit!
  • 11 custom-made dice enhance many language-based learning activities
  • used to guide language study review, create a game, or add a little pizzaz to a lesson
  • includes booklet of activity suggestions for tutorial and classroom use
  • covers concepts including letter and basic sound recognition, cvc words, silent-e, kinds of syllables, 2 sounds of c and g, suffix adding spelling rules, syllable division patterns, word origins, and assimilated prefixes
  • adaptable to any Orton-Gillingham based lesson 
  • All dice are custom-made by W.V.C.ED and inked for long-term use and wear!
  • Developed by William Van Cleave

William Van Cleave: “So glad you’re happy with Phonics Dice. The booster kit, which includes affix dice and 8 new boards, is a great add-on!”

Phonics Dice Booster Pack by William Van Cleave

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5 reviews for Phonics Dice Deluxe Kit By William Van Cleave

  1. Julie

    I bought this almost 12 months ago now and I use it all the time. My students have really enjoyed playing these and request them time and time again.

  2. Phoebe DiCarlo

    There are so many ways to use this with OG. I find I mainly use it for alphabet activities after alpha-chips and syllable types after decoding. A fun way for students to review the concepts.

    The spelling piece didn’t work so well. I’ll have to play with that one more.

  3. Ginny

    I am an OG tutor in a public school district, and I’m always looking for ways to review previously-taught concepts. I like that I can use these games with everyone from beginner to advanced, and that the games require students to think about what they’ve learned and apply it in order to play the game. Definitely worth the purchase price.

  4. Anonymous

    This is a really great game – lots of options for all levels, and very easy to customize/make your own games just by creating different grids. My students are very excited about it!!

  5. Kelly Steinke

    I am a curriculum writer (Silver Moon Spelling Rules) and president of READ Learning Ed. Services, LLC. I purchased the Phonics Dice Deluxe game to use at my reading center. It’s been a fantastic addition to our materials! It’s great for all ages – even college students and older adults, easy to use, and relevant to anyone teaching OG based reading/spelling lessons. I highly recommend this product!

    • William Van Cleave

      So glad you’re happy with Phonics Dice. The booster kit, which includes affix dice and 8 new boards, is a great add-on!

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