Words at Work 1 & 2 by William Van Cleave – Discount Pack

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Get both games at a discount

Words at Work 1 – Basic (SKU P108)

  • Students ask to play Words at Work again and again!
  • They enjoy learning to identify the parts of speech and developing and expanding their sentences through these innovative and cognitive games. Each Words at Work version has two games:
  • Outthink your opponents by creating longer and better sentences in this exciting sentence building game.
  • Learn how words function together to create a sentence.  Several versions of play and endless sentences to build in this wildly engaging game.
  • In a game based on Crazy Eights, be the first to rid yourself of all the cards in your hand.
  • Play words that match the color or part of speech of the discard.  Learn to recognize a word’s part of speech in this fast-paced game.
  • 108 cards, including two instruction cards in EACH version.
  • rules for playing two entirely different games in EACH card game.
  • concrete nouns, action verbs and the verb “to be,” –ly adverbs, coordinating conjunctions, and concrete prepositions.

Words at Work 2 – Advanced (SKU P109)

  • develop knowledge of parts of speech in a Crazy Eights format
  • learn word order and sentence development in a sentence building game
  • two entirely different games built into each double deck!



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1 review for Words at Work 1 & 2 by William Van Cleave – Discount Pack

  1. Margie

    This fun card game teaches parts of speech as well as encouraging reading and improved sentences. My 10 yr old really enjoys this game.

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