Ready Reader Decodables – Set 3: NEW ITEM!


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By Jennie Roberts Creason, Pryor Rayburn, And Amy D. Ingalls

Illustrated by Kamie Rudisill

These 3 teachers were disappointed with the decodable readers already on the market, so they decided to make their own!

Set 3 of our decodables includes the following concepts:  the flsz spelling rule, 2-letter initial blends, 3-letter initial blends, vc/cv (no schwa), and vc/cv (schwa). Each concept includes both a Level 1 and a Level 2 text to allow differentiation for the needs of your students. Readers will get continued practice with phoneme-grapheme correspondence as they read these engaging texts with diverse characters. Each decodable story was carefully crafted to support your reader’s on-going progress with decoding, fluency, vocabulary development, and comprehension. 

Why Decodable books? Especially in the earlier stages of literacy instruction, decodable books require students to use their phonic decoding skills instead of guessing. While this reading approach has long been used for students with the Orton Gillingham approach and students with dyslexia, current research tells us that this is the correct reading approach for ALL students!

About the Authors: All three authors are Orton-Gillingham tutors at the Certified level (through the Orton Gillingham Academy).  Combined they have over 60 years of experience working with students one-on-one in the classroom and in private tutoring.  They are well versed in the science of reading and the role that decodable texts play with overall literacy development, but they became increasingly disappointed in the variety of options available.   So, the three decided to write their own stories that were decodable, followed a systematic sequence, and included diverse characters.  They wanted all readers to see themselves represented in Ready Reader Decodables books.  Students should be able to decode the words on the page while also supporting their overall language comprehension development. Each book includes high frequency words, comprehension questions, and vocabulary instruction. After writing the first ten stories, the three connected with a talented artist in their hometown of Charlotte, NC. Kamie Rudisill brought their characters to life by highlighting their unique personalities. After collaborating with Kamie, the authors published their first set of ten decodable books in 2021.  They hope their decodable books add variety and quality text to your reading instruction.


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