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  • For all students in Grades 4+; can be adapted for use with younger students.
  • contains both skill-building and essay worksheets that guide students’ writing as they work to complete an independent essay
  • enables students to self-monitor their writing, ensuring they will finish with detailed, complete essays
  • contains a step-by-step model student essay
  • provide visual record of students’ ideas as they move through SQ Write curriculum
  • provide space to easily record new ideas with previously recalled ideas while decreasing working memory loads
  • provides prompts to help students formulate self-questions at strategically placed points in the Thought Organizer
  • enables students to eventually internalize the steps in formulating the self-questions necessary to create high-quality written work.
  • helps each student remember specific writing rules related to spelling, grammar, and punctuation using the student’s own writing samples
  • allows the student to record corrections from previous corrected writing assignments
  • helps the student avoid prior mechanical errors can be avoided.


  • Product Details

    1 spiral-bound Student Workbook with build-in folder,

    2 Thought Organizers

    1 Q Card,

    1 Individualized Editing Booklet


  • Developed by Michael Gladstein

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